A Brief Summary Of Foundation Activities In 2022

The Foundation (TAF) engaged in numerous activities with its Collaboration Partners and others in 2022.

TAF funded over $433,000 in grants and awards in 2022.

In March 2022, at the AAOS annual meeting TAF met with the multi-center grant research committee to hear presentations about the $400,000 grant, funded by TAF, AAOS, OREF and AOSSM, to be awarded during the AOSSM  50th Anniversary meeting in July. The award  went to Beth Stubin Stein et al for JUPITOR 4.0, Risk Factors for Failure of Isolated MPFL Reconstruction. A second grant applicant will receive funding jointly from TAF, AOSSM and OREF.

We also engaged with our AAOS  contacts regarding use of the 2022, $10,000 contribution. At the same annual meeting we attended the OREF Trustees reception and the OREF Champions Breakfast.

In July 2022, we attended the AOSSM 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs. The multicenter grant to the Beth Stubin Stein group was announced. We engaged with the Research Committee and attended and participated in the Playmaker presentations, in which two $25,000 grants were awarded.  One to James E. Voos MD et al for Wearable Muscle 02 Sat Sensor to Guide Return to Play and one to Jeremy Burnham MD et al for Use of Amniotic Membrane Graft for Quadriceps Tendon Alograft Harvest Site..

TAF also provided seed money to AOSSM of $20,000 for each of three years for the Surgical Skills Assessment Program.

In September 2022, we attended the OTA Research Committee meeting  and participated in the selection of two awards:  $80,000 to Gerard Slobogean MD, MPH,  FRC for A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Arthoplasty vs Internal Fixation Displaced Femoral Neck Fractures; and a Resident award of $20,000 to Ilexa Rae Flagstad MD for Percutaneous Sacral Screw Fixation for Operative Treatment of Geriatric Lateral 1 Pelvic Fractures.

TAF also provided $15,000 to the Duke-Feagin Leadership Scholars Award, which this year went to Jack Twomey-Kozak.  Also in September, TAF contributed another $10,000 to Rush for the continued study by Grant Garrigues MD and Robin Pourzil, PhD, for increasing data toward an NIH application relating to total shoulder arthroplasty.

In October 2022, we attended the OTA Annual Meeting, where TAF received a Donor Award; and  also we met with OTA to discuss future funding. TAF amended the OTA Collaboration Agreement to provide for four more years of TAF committed funding (2023-2026 of at least $50,000 per year).

In November 2022, we were invited to participate in the AOSSM Corporate Advisory Group meeting.  This  enabled us to learn of AOSSM future plans and accomplishments.

In December 2022, we met with AOSSM to discuss 2023 awards totaling $170,000, of which  the annual contribution will be used toward the second multicenter grant application considered at the March 2022 meeting.

And the $100,000 committed to OREF for 2023, will  be combined with $1,500,000 funded via the Department of Defense’s Military Operational Medicine Research Program (MOMRP), toward studies  to be undertaken jointly under contract with the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) for “Solutions to Accelerate Return-to-Readiness following Musculoskeletal Injuries”.

We supported the Forum meeting early in the year with a $7500 Silver Sponsorship award.




In recognition of  and to honor the numerous contributions in Orthopaedics by Richard Kyle, MD,   in 2023, TAF, via OREF, will be awarding $30,000 in resident research grants designated by Dr. Kyle.